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Build Connections Through Hyperlocal Marketing

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

In its basic form, hyperlocal marketing simply means to confine your marketing efforts to your immediate, well defined and well contained market area… a neighborhood, community or small geographical area. Real estate agents have done it for years. They “farm” a neighborhood by continually communicating with the community to brand their business. They mail post cards, knock on doors, cold call, host parties and sponsor sports teams. By containing their efforts to a small area, they can better manage their expenses and improve their results.

More advanced agents will get to know as many people as possible within the neighborhood. Their network becomes their “feet on the street”… their “eyes and ears” on the ground. These connections become profitable referral partners by letting the agent know when someone is moving in or out of the neighborhood. Their connections readily and eagerly refer new clients to the agent because, over a long period of time the agent has earned their loyalty and trust.

Your Secret Weapon

Savvy real estate agents understand the importance of building connections with local business owners. Remember, “it’s not what you know but who you know.” Local business owners are in daily contact with the residents of your target community. They often know when there is activity long before a real estate agent hears the news.

Don’t forget, people are more likely to trust a personal referral than any other form of marketing. The key is to put more “feet on the street” and “eyes and ears on the ground”. But how?

Build Your Connections by Helping Others Build Connections

Accelerate the Relationship Building Process

Grassroots Marketing

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The Perfect Combination of
High Tech and High Touch

Help Local Business Owners Connect With The People Most Likely to do Business With Them

The most important elements of effective hyperlocal marketing are geography and time. When a business depends on connecting with local prospects then it’s imperative to be found in as many places as possible at the exact time the best prospects are contemplating a purchase decision.


You’ll beat out most of your competition by simply being found early in your prospect’s search process. Our highly optimized, highly focused community portals are designed to help business owners target those prospects at the peak of their buying decision.


Each business listing, neighborhood and professional profile is highly optimized to be found for the search terms a prospective buyer makes when searching online for the products and services offered locally. This delivers more online “doorways” into your front door.


In addition, according to an article published by American Express, Hyperlocal Marketing: A Way to Find (and Keep) Your Best Customers, mobile search is becoming more and more important. The article reports that 45% of mobile searches are goal oriented.


  • 57% percent are more likely to visit a store
  • 51% are more likely to make a purchase
  • 39% are more likely to call a business


Therefore, the more places online that your business can be found, the more likely you are to connect with a new customer. We want to help you make those connections.

Technology will never supersede the need for personal interaction. Regardless of how we search for products and services or even purchase various products and services, we will always shop locally.  Many services can only be delivered locally. You can’t have your lawn mowed over the internet and you can’t get your teeth cleaned online.

Let’s us show you how to invoke the power of reciprocity, add a shot of online optimization then combine that with super hyperlocal targeting to create explosive growth in your business.

How Can The Area Guide Help Your Business?

Do you understand the importance of networking, creating connections and building relationships?

Do you share the belief that by helping others, you can help yourself?

Do you recognize the strength of geographically targeted, hyperlocal online marketing to help you reach more prospects?

Do you want to have a positive impact on your community?

If so, The Area Guide is your perfect solution for sparking exponential growth in your business.

The Area Guide is bested suited for:

  • Real Estate professionals who want to build or strengthen their position as the Neighborhood Expert.
  • Mortgage professionals who want to connect with more real estate agents, area professionals and enhance their referral relationships.
  • Home Builders and developers
  • Professional Service Providers such as;
    • Financial advisors
    • Investment Advisors
    • Insurance agents
    • Accountants and CPAs
    • Attorneys
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Advertising and marketing consultants
    • Dentists and Orthodontists
    • Physicians
    • Cosmetic Surgeons
    • Consultants
    • Human Resources and Employment Agencies
  • Local service businesses such as
    • Pest control
    • AC and Heating Repair and Installation
    • Painters
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Carpenters
    • Roofers
    • Landscaping and lawn maintenance
    • Carpet Cleaners
    • Appliance repair
    • Flooring
    • Remodeling and Renovation
    • Windows and doors

If your company provides services across the entire market area, we have sponsorship opportunities available that will accelerate your reach into hundreds of communities while building solid, meaningful and profitable referral relationships with influencers in your area.

If your business is concentrated in a specific area or region within the broader market area, we can custom tailor a package to reach your target prospects.

Do you want to build your business while having a positive impact on your community?